Two days of inspiring talks, screenings and meet ups with special guests, including 2018 World Press Photo winners



Many presentations and events are yet to be announced. Please note, the program's content and timings are subject to change.

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Friday 13 April: Morning | Afternoon | Evening

Saturday 14 April: Morning | Afternoon | Evening

Exhibitions open to ticket holders throughout the weekend

PhotoQ Bookshop signing sessions


FRIDAY 13 APRIL - MORNING (10:00 - 13:00)


Presentation | Carla Kogelman

Friday 13 April | 10:10 | Machinegebouw

Two-time World Press Photo contest winner Carla Kogelman will present her 2018 nominated long-term project, 'Ich bin waldviertel' and 'Pool'.

In her work, Carla captures the daily life of people, especially children. Being around the same people for a long time, she becomes invisible, allowing her insight into the lives of her subjects and reaching the real story behind what is observed superficially.


Presentation and discussion | Francesco Pistilli

Friday 13 April | 10:40 | Machinegebouw

Photojournalist and videographer Francesco Pistilli will present images from his 2018 Photo Contest nominated series, 'Lives in Limbo', followed by a discussion about the refugee crisis along with Francesca Trianni and Aryn Baker (see below). 


Presentation and discussion | The team behind Time's 'Finding Home'

Friday 13 April | 10:40 | Machinegebouw

TIME video journalist Francesca Trianni and reporter Aryn Baker  present 'Finding Home', nominated in the Innovative Storytelling category of the 2018 Digital Storytelling Contest, followed by a discussion about the refugee crisis along with Francesco Pistilli (see above).  

In 2016, TIME began telling the story of newborn baby Heln and her family, who are Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Europe. In this powerful interactive, Heln's mother Taimaa tells of the frustrations of waiting for asylum, the quiet moments of new motherhood, and the lonely struggle to fit in in a new land, through a series of text messages with Trianni.


Presentation and discussion | Masfiqur Sohan

Friday 13 April | 12.00 | Machinegebouw

Masfiqur Sohan will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated work, 'Watch Houses Burn' along with his wider series covering the Rohingya crisis, followed by a discussion with other nominees who have covered the crisis. 


Presentation | Stephen McCarthy

Friday 13 April | 12:00 | Zuiveringshal

Stephen McCarthy will talk about photographing Gaelic games, including his 2018 Photo Contest nominated image, 'Steaming Scrum', gaelic football and hurling.  



Presentation | Oliver Scarff

Friday 13 April | 12:30 | Zuiveringshal

Oliver Scarff will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated work, 'Royal Shrovetide Football' along side his other images of this historic annual event taken in previous years.  

He will also discuss his transition as a photographer working on purely news coverage, to incorporating sports photography into his remit, and the steep learning curve he encountered when he began covering major sporting events. 



Presentation | Erik Sampers

Friday 13 April | 12:15 | Zuiveringshal

Erik Sampers will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated work, 'Marathon des Sables', as well as a project about the lives of two Chinese men - Haixia Jia who has lost his vision, and Jia Wenqi his arm -  who have dedicated their lives to transforming an island that was once pebbled wasteland into a green paradise, working together to grow trees.    


Presentation | Alain Schroeder

Friday 13 April | 12:45 | Zuiveringshal

In 2012, photographer Alain Schroeder sold his shares in his photo agency along with his house, packed his bags and embarked on a trip around the world shooting stories that interest him. Alain will present two of these stories, including ‘Kid Jockeys’, his 2018 Photo Contest nominated work, and ‘Kushti’, a series about a traditional form of Indian wrestling practiced in Akhara.


FRIDAY 13 APRIL - AFTERNOON (15:00 - 18:00)


Presentation | Richard Tsong-Taatarii

Friday 13 April | 15:00 | Machinegebouw

Richard Tsong-Taatarii will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated image 'Not my Verdict' in the context of the Black Lives Matter movement in Minnesota.

Through his documentary photography work, Tsong-Taatarii has been bringing attention to the joys and tribulations of Minnesotans as a staff photographer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper for the past 18 years.


Presentation | Alessio Mamo

Friday 13 April | 15:00 | Zuiveringshal

Alessio Mamo will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated photography, 'Manal, War Portraits', along with other work on this theme.

In 2008, Alessio began his career in photojournalism focusing on contemporary social, political and economic issues. He extensively covers issues related to refugee displacement and migration starting in Sicily, and extending most recently to the Middle East.


Presentation | Espen Rasmussen

Friday 13 April | 15:15 | Machinegebouw

Espen Rasmussen will present his 2018 Photo Contest nominated series, 'White Rage - USA', along side his one-year project 'White Rage - Europe' on the rise of the far right movements in 16 European countries.


Presentation | Ivor Prickett

Friday 13 April | 15:15 | Zuiveringshal

Ivor Prickett will discuss his series 'The Battle For Mosul', nominated for both Photo of the Year and in the General News stories category in the 2018 World Press Photo Contest. 


PRESENTATION | Eliot Higgins

Friday 13 April | 15:30 | Zuiveringshal

Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat, an organization which specializes in the application of open source investigation techniques to a range of topics, from corruption to conflict, known most famously for its work on the downing of MH17 in Ukraine in 2014, and the conflict in Syria. 

In his featured presentation, Eliot will examine the methods used by Bellingcat to verify images, and how that allows the team to investigate a range of incidents, from Russian bombing campaigns to tracking down missing persons.



Friday 13 April | 16:45 | Zuiveringshal  

Pete Souza was the Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama and the Director of the White House Photo Office. For his featured presentation, Pete Souza will elaborate on his time at the White House next to the president, capturing it all—nearly 2 million photographs in total. His recently published 'Obama: An Intimate Portrait' will serve as the basis for the presentation, sharing with the audience the poignant behind-the-scenes stories that accompany the photographs. 

'Obama: An Intimate Portrait' will be available for purchase at the PhotoQ Bookshop at the Festival. 


FRIDAY 13 APRIL - EVENING (20:00 - 23:00)


Canon Opening Night | World Press Photo Exhibition 2018

Friday 13 April | 20:00-23:00 | De Nieuwe Kerk

This is the exclusive opening of the World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 in De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, hosted by Canon.

The flagship World Press Photo Exhibition 2018, displaying prize-winners’ work from the photo and digital storytelling contests, premiers at De Nieuwe Kerk during the festival before starting its world tour. 

Two-day and Friday tickets grant access to the Canon Opening Night, giving festival ticket holders the chance to be among the very first to discover the exhibition.


SATURDAY 14 APRIL - MORNING (10:00 - 13:00)


MEETUP | women in photography

Saturday 14 April | 10:00 - 12:00

Together with Féminin Pluriel Amsterdam and the International Women’s Media Foundation, the World Press Photo Foundation will host an informal get together for women, providing an opportunity to strengthen networks and exchange thoughts and experiences across professional communities.

The event will begin with a Q&A with female award nominees from the World Press Photo 2018 contests, and the IWMF Anja Niedringhaus Courage In Photojournalism Award.

This event is invitation only, however we welcome requests from ticket holders to join the meetup. Please email


guided tour | World press photo exhibition 2018

Saturday 14 April | 11:00 | De Nieuwe Kerk

Be among the first to visit the World Press Photo Exhibition 2018 in Amsterdam’s historic De Nieuwe Kerk. Hear about the stories behind the award-winning images in an exclusive guided tour by a World Press Photo curator.

Please note there is a maximum capacity of 30 people. Spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You can register for the tour at the registration desk in De Nieuwe Kerk on the morning of the tour. The guided tour is only available to people with a two-day or Saturday one-day festival pass.


Presentation | Ami Vitale

Saturday 14 April | 11:30 | Westergastheater

Five-time World Press Photo contest award winner, Ami Vitale presents 'Finding Stories that Connect Us'. She will speak about her work covering the conflict in Kashmir, as well as her latest World Press Photo award-winning series, 'Pandas Gone Wild' and this year's nominated story, 'Warriors Who Once Feared Elephants Now Protect Them'. 


Presentation | Jasper Doest

Saturday 14 April | 12:15 | Westergastheater

2018 Photo Contest nominee Jasper Doest will share his series ‘Sacred No More’, and the story behind this work, which questions our relationship with wild animals. After revisiting a specific troop of Japanese macaques for over 11 years, Jasper started to zoom out and see the challenges humans and macaques face, living together in modern day society.


SATURDAY 14 APRIL - AFTERNOON (15:00 - 18:00)


Workshop | Female Photographer Safety

Saturday 14 April | 15:00 - 17:00 | Machinegebouw

ROAR! Safety will hold a workshop designed for female photographers covering personal safety, situational awareness, pre-assignment planning, sexual violence - its affect on us and how to support others, self defense and more.

The session will be held by Alison Baskerville, a freelance photographer and qualified hostile environment and safety adviser.

There is limited capacity for this event - ticket holders are invited to sign up by emailing


Presentation | Adam Ferguson

Saturday 14 April | 15:00 | Westergastheater

Adam Ferguson presents his 2018 Photo Contest nominated work 'Boko Haram Strapped Suicide Bombs to Them. Somehow These Teenage Girls Survived'.


Presentation | Anna Boyiazis

Saturday 14 April | 15:15 | Westergastheater

Anna Boyiazis presents her 2018 Photo Contest nominated work, 'Finding Freedom in the Water', a story about the Panje Project (panje translates as ‘big fish’), which provides opportunities for women and girls in northern Zanzibar to learn swimming skills in full-length swimsuits, so that they can enter the water without compromising their cultural or religious beliefs.

Anna's areas of focus include human rights, public health, and women's issues. Through her work she aims to elicit compassion and bring our shared humanity to the fore.


Presentation | Heba Khamis

Saturday 14 April | 15:30 | Westergastheater

Heba Khamis will present her nominated work, 'Banned Beauty', a series which looks at the traditional practice in Cameroon of breast ironing which is carried out by families in the belief that it will delay maturity and help prevent sexual violence against girls.

Khamis is an Egyptian storyteller whose work concentrates on social issues that are sometimes ignored.


Presentation and panel discussion | Angela Jimu and Maheder Haileselassie

Saturday 14 April | 15:45 | Westergastheater

Photographers Maheder Haileselassie (Centre for Photography Ethiopia) and Angela Gimu (Zimbabwean Association of Female Photographers) present their work and their inspiring journeys towards building local capacity and offering visual journalism education in their respective countries. 

A panel discussion will follow, in which Maheder, Angela and Juliette Garms (World Press Photo) will discuss their motivations, challenges and successes as well as potential concrete solutions to better educate, promote and elevate the voices of young emerging talents in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.


sem presser lecture, supported by dupho | stephanie sinclair

Saturday 14 April | 17:00 | Westergastheater

Stephanie Sinclair, a World Press Photo and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, is known for gaining unique access to the most sensitive gender and human rights issues around the world. Through her work, Stephanie portrays the lives of vulnerable girls subjected to practices such as child marriage, genital mutilation and acid attacks.

Stephanie will present this year's Sem Presser Lecture on her ongoing 15-year series, “Too Young to Wed”.

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SATURDAY 14 APRIL - EVENING (18:00 - 21:00)


Anja Niedringhaus Courage In Photojournalism Awards, presented by IWMF

Saturday 14 April | Reception 18:00, doors open for the ceremony at 19:00 | Westergastheater

Festival two-day and Saturday ticket holders are invited to attend IWMF's Anja Niedringhaus Courage In Photojournalism Awards ceremony. The Awards recognize three journalists whose work, like Niedringhaus's, inspires action and helps us better understand the world. Join us for this special event taking place at Westergastheater on the evening of Saturday 14 April. 

There is limited capacity for this event - ticket holders are invited to sign up by emailing



World Press Photo Exhibition 2018

de nieuwe kerk, dam square

Be among the first to see our brand new exhibition featuring images from the 2018 Photo Contest and 2018 Digital Storytelling Contest winners.

Two-day and Friday ticket holders are invited to attend the exclusive Canon Opening Night on Friday 13 April from 20:00. All ticket holders can visit the exhibition on Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 17.00 daily.



keizersgracht 609

During the festival ticket holders are invited to visit the museum and discover work by Lucas Foglia and Jacob Riis. Open Friday 10:00 - 21:00 and Saturday and Sunday 10:00 - 18:00.  


huis Marseille

keizersgracht 401

Your festival wristband will grant you entry to Huis Marseille's current exhibition; Bernd, Hilla and the Others / Photography from Dusseldorf from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 April, 11:00 - 18:00.



Sessions will take place at the PhotoQ Book Shop in the Machinegebouw after the respective photographer's presentation.

Friday 13 April

Book signing sessions will be added here as they are confirmed.

Saturday 14 April

After 13:00:

Peter van Agtmael will be signing two of his books; Disco Night 9/11 and
Buzzing at the Sill.

Marcus Bleasdale will be signing copies of his book, The Unravelling: Central African Republic.