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Thursday 20 April

Doors open 13.30

Robin Hammond – 14.30

Helen: I am not mad

2017 Photo Contest winner, People second prize singles, speaks about his winning work and other projects.

Tom Jenkins – 14.45

Sports Photography: It’s all about luck isn’t it?

2017 Photo Contest winner, Sports first prize singles, talks about capturing the Grand National Steeplechase.

Muhammed Muheisen – 15.00

Telling their Stories

Associated Press Chief Photographer for the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan documenting the refugee crisis in Europe–“There are so many stories that have never been told and many voices that have never been heard. As a photojournalist, it is my responsibility to be out there searching for these stories to document.”

Jessica Dimmock – 15.25

The Convention

2017 Digital Storytelling Contest winner, Long Form, third prize, presents The Convention; a cinematic and visceral look at the annual Esprit Conference. This conference draws transgender women in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s together for a week of camaraderie, mutual support, expression, and shared experience.

Break 15.45 – 16.15. Robin Hammond will sign his book at the PhotoQ bookstore

Marco Grob – 16.15

I Was Never Supposed to Be Here

A lifelong photographer, Grob’s work and life centers around a journey through an ever-changing landscape of politics, celebrities, and the human experience. He has been fortunate to have a front row seat to history, and has created photographs that show the world as he distinctly sees it.

Mathieu Willcocks – 16.25

Before it’s Too Late: A story of mediterranean migration

2017 Photo Contest winner, Spot News, third prize stories, discusses his Mediterranean Migration series.

Paula Bronstein – 16.40

Afghanistan: The silent victims of a forgotten war

2017 Photo Contest winner, Daily Life, first prize singles discusses her winning image and work in Afghanistan.

Announcing the Anja Niedringhaus Award Courage in Photojournalism winners – 17.00

After the presentations Paula Bronstein and Marco Grob will sign their books in the PhotoQ bookstore

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Friday 21 April

Doors open 09.00

Jonathan Bachman – 10.00

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge

2017 Photo Contest winner, Contemporary Issues, first prize singles, talks about the impact of his iconic winning image.

Jamal Taraqai – 10.15

Unrest and Daily Life in Quetta

2017 Photo Contest winner, Spot News, first prize singles.

Zoeann Murphy and Kevin Schaul – 10.30

Exploring New Formulas for Visual Storytelling

2017 Digital Storytelling Contest winners present their first and second prize winning pieces in the Innovative Storytelling category; A New Age of Walls and The Waypoint.

Giles Duley – 10.50

Khouloud and Aya: The power of a story

Inspirational documentary photographer Giles Duley shares his recent work documenting the refugee crisis in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan for the UNHCR as part of his long term project Legacy of War.

Break 11.15 – 11.45. Giles Duley will sign his book in the PhotoQ bookstore

ANP on the MH17 Plane Crash – 11.45

Cameron Spencer and Kai-Oliver Pfaffenbach – 12.10

2017 Photo Contest winners, Sports, second and third prize singles discuss the difficulties of shooting the Olympics.

Tshepiso Mazibuko – 12.25

Agency vs the Presence of the Photographer

Inspired by her own environment, Mazibuko’s images tell the stories of her South African township.

Daniel Berehulak – 12.40

They are Slaughtering Us Like Animals

2017 Photo Contest winner, General News, first prize stories talks about his winning series and other recent work.

Lunch 13.00 – 14.30. Tshepiso Mazibuko will sign her book in the PhotoQ bookstore

Amak Mahmoodian – 14.30

Another Meeting With Her, in Vein

Iranian photographer and filmmaker discusses her recent book and the importance of identity in her work.

Zackary Canepari – Claressa – 14.55


2017 Digital Storytelling Contest winner presents Short Form, first prize piece, Claressa. In 2012, 17-year-old Claressa ‘T-Rex’ Shields from Flint, Michigan, USA, became the first woman ever to win the gold medal in Olympic boxing. This short film picks up with Claressa in 2015.

Bence Máté – 15.15

Animals at Night

2017 Photo Contest winner, Nature, third prize stories explains how he captured his impressive ‘Now You See Me’ series.

Burhan Ozbilici – 15.30

Winner of World Press Photo of the Year discusses his prize-winning image.

Break 15.45 – 16.15. Amak Mahmoodian and Zackary Canepari will sign their books in the PhotoQ bookstore

Stanley Greene – 16.15

Rear View Mirror

Internationally renowned photographer Stanley Greene, Noor Images, presents this year’s Sem Presser Lecture supported by DuPho.

After the lecture Stanley Greene will sign his book in the PhotoQ bookstore

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Saturday 22 April

Doors open 09.00

Stuart Franklin – 10.00

Magnum photographer, chair of the 2017 World Press Photo Contest general jury, and author of “The Documentary Impulse”.

Daniel Etter – 10.25

Edge of Europe

2017 Photo Contest winner, Contemporary Issues, third prize singles presents The Libyan Migrant Trap and other recent work.

Topaz Adizes, Carla Tramullas and Julia Gorbach – 10.40

The Dig: Interactive Series

2017 Digital Storytelling Contest winners present Immersive Storytelling, first prize, The Dig. You know how you feel about politics, religion, and other issues, but do you know how you feel about the changing landscape of human relationships? Things like trans-sexuality, Co-parenting, and cyborgs, to name a few.

Brent Stirton – 11.00

Rhinos Wars Redux

2017 Photo Contest winner, Nature, first prize stories presents his moving Rhino Wars series and other conservation projects.

Break 11.15 – 11.45. Stuart Franklin will sign his book in the PhotoQ bookstore

Frank Schallmaier – 11.45

Photographer Without a Camera

Dutch photo editor at de Volkskrant newspaper and the man behind the The Schallmaier Index talks shares his work.

Felipe Dana – 12.10

Rio and Mosul

2017 Photo Contest Winner, Spot News, third prize singles presents his work in Rio and Mosul.

Amber Bracken – 12.25

Standing Rock

2017 Photo Contest Winner, Contemporary Issues, first prize stories discusses her winning series.

Jay L. Clendenin – 12.40

Portraits: From Hollywood to a boxing gym of central California

2017 Photo Contest winner, People, third prize stories, discusses photographing the last three Olympics.

Lunch 13.00 – 14.30. Magnus Wennmann will sign his book in the PhotoQ bookstore

Daniella Zalcman – 14.30

Founder of Women Photograph discusses efforts to diversify the photojournalism community, and why women continue to be dramatically underrepresented in the field.

Syria by Syrian photographers – 14.55

Samar Hazboun on behalf of Abd Doumany and Walid Mashhadi Ameer Alhalbi.

Michael Vince Kim – 15.15

Koreans in Mexico and Kazakhstan

2017 Photo Contest winner, People, first prize stories presents Far From Distant Shores and his winning series, Aenikkaeng.

Announcing the Joop Swart Masterclass 2017 participants – 15.30

Break 15.45 – 16.15. Antonio Gibotta and Peter Bauza will sign their books in the PhotoQ bookstore

Jared Moossy – 16.15

When the Spirit Moves

2017 Digital Storytelling Contest winners, Long Form, first prize presents winning work. The project explores the parallels between a lack of education for youth and the ever-rising crime rate in Chester, USA.

Ruddy Roye – 16.40 – Cancelled

Due to unforeseen circumstances this presentation has been cancelled.

When Living is a Protest

TIME’s Instagram Photographer of 2016, telling stories of the marginalized in our society.

Elena Anosova – 17.05

2017 Photo Contest winner, Daily Life, second prize stories, presents two projects; Section and Out-of-the-way.

Jaime Rojo – 17.20

Monarch Butterflies: A threatened migration

2017 Photo Contest winner, Nature, third prize singles discusses his award-winning work.


We will be adding more leading visual storytellers to the program in the run up to the event. Check back here or follow us on Twitter for updates.

Please note, the festival program and presentation times are subject to change.

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